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Re: The state of play.

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yellowfever wrote: Wed May 24, 2023 8:22 pm
yellowfever wrote: Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:36 pm Never, even in my worst nightmare did I ever see the possibility of my local club dropping into the 7th level of football.
In a season which commemorates 50 years since Southport FC achieved possibly it's biggest ever prize by winning division 4 of the Football League (EFL 2 today) I reckon their is a distinct chance that this will happen.
It won't be for a lack of effort from the Board, Management,players or volunteers,but for me this season will just be too much of a grind,week in week out and will eventually wear out a squad that won't be big enough to cope with the amount of football it has to play.
Too many opportunities to progress at SFC have by passed this football club going back (in my time) to the day that Billy Bingham was allowed to leave for Plymouth Argyle.You only get so many chances.

For all the above,It's time to take a break on here for me regurgitating the same well worn arguments under different guises week in week out.Criticism on here is pointless-SFC is where it is in a World with far bigger issues.

I'll continue to support the club I love both verbally and financially as well as I can, no matter what the future and would urge as many people who are able to do the same.I don't want to see our town's club disappear, but at present,not enough people in the town care enough about it,and unless with all due respect to Ian Kyle a "sugar daddy" arrives on the scene,the future looks bleak.
In fact it looks bleak for any part time set up,because in truth,the powers that be only care for the full time game.

I wish Ian, Liam,Terry and the players all the very best for the coming season.
Having "signed out" of Port Chat with the above post, I'm obviously pleased to be proved wrong with my prediction of relegation at the end of 2022/23.With only one point seperating the Port from the drop though,it was more than an uncomfortable watch from the 2nd January onwards.Too close for comfort...The 18 points accrued from Marcus Carver's 8 game loan spell(6 wins) being very significant in keeping us up IMHO.Lets hope that some lessons have been learned that will now allow Todd Blaney and Andy Burgess to have an influence that Terry McPhillips seemingly didn't. The more football brains the better for me...including Liam. It's all about players though at the end of the day-only time will tell on that front.
Last season was a clear warning shot across Port's bows, let's hope all the lessons have been learned.

Early signs for 23/24 are encouraging, really hope they can find all the players they need now that the budget has been strengthened.

The support is there I think, attendances held up very well considering our poor home form after new year (again).

Agree about Carver's loan period - with a full side featuring two proven strikers we were a threat. Some strong teams beaten in that run.

Thought Connor Heath did well considering his rawness and the difficulty of his task, but also think he needs to lose about 5-7k.

Hmami's a lovely player but needs to put on about the same amount muscle wise I think.

Been watching some 09/10 dvds as morale restoring close season therapy and have to say Port 23/24 come over as a little lightweight and over-friendly in comparison. That defence was SOLID STEEL.
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