Should we have gone out of the League in 1960?

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Should we have gone out of the League in 1960?

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Found this article in a "Charles Buchan's Football Monthly " issue dated August 1960. The writer suggests that Gateshead were unlucky to have been voted out of the League that year, and by rights, either us or Hartlepools should have gone. These were the days of the "old pals act", and I know for many years our "pal" was Jack Clough. He ran the Bold hotel on Lord St and was, at that time, a prominent member of the Football League, and chairman of the Third and Fourth Division clubs committee. It could be argued, that without his influence, we would have been out of League long before our eventual exit in 1978.

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Re: Should we have gone out of the League in 1960?

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I've made this point before, in these same words. Like it or not, we were voted out because we didn't deserve to be there. It was 100% our own fault. We had been given warning after warning and repeatedly rode our luck. We had the fortune of being spared 10 out of the 11 times we sought re-election. Had sporting integrity been upheld and we had been relegated on merit we would have left the football league in 1935!
If you went by today's standard of the bottom two being automatically relegated then we should have lost our league status automatically in 1935, 1936, 1947, 1949, 1958, 1959, 1976, 1977 and 1978.

So, the sentiment of the article from football monthly I can understand, but the timing is questionable.
In 1959/60 we finished above Gateshead (still in the bottom 4) so by rights they deserved to go down more than we did. They were third from bottom though so two others, Oldham and Hartlepool, were more deserving.
A year earlier we finished rock bottom, the only time we ever did.
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