1st Class Competitive Meetings

No first class games have taken place between the two sides.

2nd Class Competitive Meetings and Friendlies

Comp P W D L F A
Lancashire Senior Cup113351127
Rawcliffe Charity Cup202000
League (War)155191830
War Cup201147
Totals 44 10 8 26 45 104

Fixtures & Results

Opponent ID: 700
Day Date KO Opposition H/A Att Comp Venue Result Season
Mon13/05/1889 PRESTON NORTH ENDH3500FriendlySUSSEX ROAD 2-41888/89
Wed04/09/1889 PRESTON NORTH ENDH3000FriendlySCARISBRICK NEW ROAD 1-41889/90
01/03/1892 PRESTON NORTH ENDA300Friendly 0-41891/92
06/04/1892 PRESTON NORTH ENDH2500FriendlySCARISBRICK NEW ROAD 2-41891/92
01/09/1892 PRESTON NORTH ENDH4000FriendlySCARISBRICK NEW ROAD 0-21892/93
04/09/1893 PRESTON NORTH ENDH1500FriendlySCARISBRICK NEW ROAD 1-21893/94
17/09/1894 PRESTON NORTH ENDH800FriendlySCARISBRICK NEW ROAD 0-41894/95
05/12/1896 PRESTON NORTH ENDALancashire Senior Cup 0-61896/97
04/12/1897 PRESTON NORTH ENDHLancashire Senior CupSCARISBRICK NEW ROAD 0-41897/98
19/09/1899 PRESTON NORTH ENDHRawcliffe Charity CupSCARISBRICK NEW ROAD 0-01899/00
Mon27/02/1900 PRESTON NORTH ENDARawcliffe Charity Cup 0-01899/00
Sat27/02/1904 PRESTON NORTH ENDHLancashire Senior CupSCARISBRICK NEW ROAD 3-21903/04
Tue26/09/1905 PRESTON NORTH ENDHLancashire Senior CupASH LANE 0-31905/06
Sat15/02/1908 PRESTON NORTH ENDHFriendlyASH LANE 3-11907/08
Sat30/10/1915 PRESTON NORTH ENDALeague (War) 5-01915/16
Sat29/01/1916 PRESTON NORTH ENDHLeague (War)ASH LANE 1-01915/16
Sat04/03/1916 PRESTON NORTH ENDAWar Cup 1-41915/16
Sat08/04/1916 PRESTON NORTH ENDHWar CupASH LANE 3-31915/16
Sat03/02/1917 PRESTON NORTH ENDHLeague (War)ASH LANE 2-21916/17
Sat27/10/1917 PRESTON NORTH ENDHLeague (War)ASH LANE 1-01917/18
Sat03/11/1917 PRESTON NORTH ENDALeague (War) 2-41917/18
Sat02/11/1918 PRESTON NORTH ENDALeague (War) 0-11918/19
Sat09/11/1918 PRESTON NORTH ENDHLeague (War)ASH LANE 1-01918/19
Tue05/04/1938 PRESTON NORTH ENDH1700Lancashire Senior CupHAIG AVENUE 1-11937/38
Tue12/04/1938 PRESTON NORTH ENDH3500Lancashire Senior CupHAIG AVENUE 1-01937/38
Tue19/09/1939 PRESTON NORTH ENDHFriendlyHAIG AVENUE 0-11939/40
Sat06/01/1940 PRESTON NORTH ENDA5310League (War) 1-31939/40
Sat18/05/1940 PRESTON NORTH ENDALeague (War) 0-51939/40
Sat07/09/1940 PRESTON NORTH ENDA3894League (War) 0-11940/41
Sat16/11/1940 PRESTON NORTH ENDH2367League (War)HAIG AVENUE 1-31940/41
Sat08/11/1941 PRESTON NORTH ENDA2849League (War) 0-21941/42
Sat15/11/1941 PRESTON NORTH ENDH2083League (War)HAIG AVENUE 1-51941/42
Sat26/08/1944 PRESTON NORTH ENDA11878League (War) 0-31944/45
Sat02/09/1944 PRESTON NORTH ENDH3568League (War)HAIG AVENUE 3-11944/45
Mon08/10/1956 PRESTON NORTH ENDA2675Lancashire Senior Cup 2-21956/57
Tue23/10/1956 PRESTON NORTH ENDH750Lancashire Senior CupHAIG AVENUE 2-11956/57
Fri11/08/1967 PRESTON NORTH ENDA7200Friendly 2-11967/68
Sat12/08/1967 PRESTON NORTH ENDH3510FriendlyHAIG AVENUE 0-01967/68
Sat30/07/1994 PRESTON NORTH ENDH1609Lancashire Senior CupHAIG AVENUE 0-11994/95
Sat27/07/1996 PRESTON NORTH ENDH1429Lancashire Senior CupHAIG AVENUE 2-21996/97
Sat14/07/2012 PRESTON NORTH ENDH1916FriendlyHAIG AVENUE 0-22012/13
Tue29/10/2013 PRESTON NORTH ENDA221Lancashire Senior Cup 0-52013/14
Tue21/07/2015 PRESTON NORTH ENDH967FriendlyHAIG AVENUE 0-42015/16
Tue16/07/202419:30 PRESTON NORTH ENDHFriendlyHAIG AVENUE2024/25