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Now that the furloughing of players & staff has ended, the club now find themselves with contracts to honour.
Though with the membership scheme, there is now an income stream of about £2.5k monthly based on c150 members, I would hope that people WHO CAN AFFORD TO continue to help with donations.
I would attend a couple of friendlies but will be unable to at the moment, so aim to send the club 2 £20 donations before the start of the season.
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Re: Donations

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Here is the link to make a donation to the club. ... -donation/

Love Port Chat x
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Re: Donations

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Online shop purchases are a great way to contribute too.
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Re: Donations

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I love this type of thing and don't get me wrong, more and more clubs will be relying on supporters to help out in the months/years to come.

I look at what Chester supporters have done and think they have got the model right! Over 100K raised during lockdown is impressive and no one cant argue with that

We need some kind of co coordinated effort and not just the odd person donating 20 quid here and there. We are better than that! Maybe TIY could get involved and work with the club to get something going?
The fanzone during a social distance pandamic might not add any economic value to the club and maybe the funds could go elsewhere? Perhaps the TIY could have a members meeting soon (over zoom etc) to discuss? Its gone very quiet recently?
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