Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

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Jonny Smith
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Jonny Smith »

Excellent coverage to move to youtube second half which meant I got to watch the match.

Scrappy game but look very solid at the back. Would like to see Connor woods be given some game time this season he looked really good pre season.

Overall decent point against a solid side.

Well done SFC great effort from the club as always
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Paulisi »

We have a couple of issues to address.
Carver and Sampson are too similar and shouldn't be playing together
The midfield may be an issue all season as we will get outnumbered, hence why we went long ball quite a lot.
The wing backs didn't get forward enough. When Challoner got forward we looked dangerous.

A point on the board, solid at the back. Plenty to think about tactically.
Ronnie Hotdogs
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Ronnie Hotdogs »

We got much better towards the end of the second half - could have pinched it but it wasn't the worst 0-0 I've ever seen (which if anyone is keeping notes was Telford on this day in 2001, the day Beckham scored that free-kick against Greece - I still have occasional nightmares about Brian McGorry). Still a little bit disjointed but only to be expected really - plenty of encouragement.
Port on the Kent
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Port on the Kent »

I appreciate the move to Youtube at HT, yes those like me who paid could whinge about freeloaders but anyone who sat through that second half deserves it in my opinion.

On the pitch I was disappointed, make no mistake this was two points dropped as Hereford had absolutely nothing up front and could have played all night without scoring, I do think we could have committed more and gone for the throat. We were a bit too predictable, chopping the ball back to the wing back for them to play an early ball into the box was novel for the first ten minutes, but it soon became obvious and their defence dealt with our main tactic with ease. When the conditions are tough and the wind is swirling, I am not sure percentage football into the box will bring goals. We played a more attacking formation than last season but our lack of creativity remained the same. That said, the woodwork was struck twice and with a bit more luck we could be sat here saying we look unspectacular but efficient. A lot of work to be done but at least we have something on the board.
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Liamisdoingagreatjob »

Tend to agree game wasn’t the best but saying that the weather was poor. Can’t really see it on stream but pretty wet and windy here.

Unlucky to hit woodwork twice and it not go in but probably a fair and satisfactory result for both teams.

Felt the idea to switch to you tube was a good one, although I felt the quality of its streaming was indeed worse than the first half it was less interrupted. I view it as a new venture for the club and will take time to perfect. A bit like working on teams or Skype meetings all gets easier.

The other thing viewing makes you realise is how much you miss being there....even if it was standing on the popular (or poplar) side being soaked through I’d prefer to be there any day over watching on the laptop.....
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by cobby7 »

Last twenty we were stronger and should have capitalised.
Felt much more confident with Handfords handling.
A fair result in a scrappy game.
You tube picture not as good but a least it was uninterrupted.
Will Saturday be screened?
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Ralphy Rylance
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Ralphy Rylance »

Sgreen1234 wrote: Tue Oct 06, 2020 9:38 pm Well a high quality 2nd half on your tube with over 1100 watching at one point.
Up to 1960 at one point that I noticed.
Ronnie Hotdogs
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Ronnie Hotdogs »

Morgan is still a cut above, I think he just needed another body in there. Would expect one of the front three to drop out for Vassallo for Saturday, although I expect a lot of things and they never happen.

Is Marcus Wood still suffering from eye-knack?
Terrace Dweller
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Terrace Dweller »

Pitch was in great condition despite constant rain today, pre season drainage work seems to have paid off.
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Exiled »

To be fair Hanford had to make more saves than their goalie. He made two excellent saves in the first half, including tipping one over which was heading into the top corner (I guess most people didn’t see this though as it was during the first half streaming issues)
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread


I had the same problem as many.
The feed was good at 735 but once the match started it went down. Didnt get anything for 35 minutes except for the odd couple of seconds of action, then just buffering and the SFC Crest. Got the last ten minutes of the 1st half.
2nd half on YouTube was faultless so we obviously have a problem with whoever we are with on the streaming. Very frustrating.
Poor match but we could of snatched it with the two close crossbar chances, only saw one of them!
If we can beat Kettering on Saturday I wont be that bothered about dropped points tonight 👍💛🖤
mark thomas
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by mark thomas »

Agree with all that we looked ok defensively, Oliver and Bainbridge are two good footballers no doubt, Mo Ali strong, full backs worked hard. Hanford's save up in the top corner first half was top class and his handling steady throughout.

Midfield we need three surely, Vassallo improved us visibly when he came on and looks keen to get forward. Morgs and Russell also worked very hard, but we couldn't actually get the ball and create.

Up front we looked a bit blunt and couldn't seem to get any width, hard luck on Sammo and Marcus when we did get a sniff.

Clean sheet's always good and a fair result, played in a good spirit, no bookings I don't think and the officials were good too.

Well done to the media team for reacting to the streaming issues on the go, they're doing a great job, enjoying Rob and Alan's commentaries too.
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by port4ever »

Sgreen1234 wrote: Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:53 pm Anyone else’s dropping out? Was great on sat but I’ve seen about 3 mins so far
3 minutes more than me.
Andy McK
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Andy McK »

As others have said my stream was fine until the game started, but then had almost no coverage for the next 35 minutes. The last 10 of the first half were better, and the second half on Youtube was absolutely fine.

As a result I can't comment on the first half. In the second I thought we lacked ideas, and struggled to control mid field. We improved towards the end of the game and could have nicked it, but 0-0 was a fair reflection of a game that won't live long in my memory.
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Sand74 »

I agree with most that we looked better with 3 in the middle and we took control from that point.

From what I saw we didn't really get going in the 1st half though I can't remember us playing particularly well with a strong wind blowing towards the Blowick End many times in 30+ years.

As for having 3 in the middle - Certainly at home this could give a chance to Connor Woods who can run with the Ball and create as well as do some defensive duties to take the pressure off Russ and Morgs.

There is definitely a decent side in there. Just might take some competitive matches to get the balance right.

South Shields lost at home to Radcliffe last night by the way.....
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by PortDan1121 »

The stream did seem to work a lot better in the second half on Youtube. But obviously, it was free so it defeated the object of the whole thing which was to make money by giving fans a way of watching the match.

Only issue with going through in the future on Youtube is that if you are going to have a paid Livestream I don't think you can give out codes to get in, I think everyone is asked to pay.

A solution to this: Have 2 separate streams on Youtube. One private stream which is only accessible by a link that James sends out in his email before the stream. This will be for season ticket holders and members. The other stream will allow fans to access the stream by paying through youtube. Only an idea. If it was on Youtube also fans could watch it on any device. At the moment we can only watch the website streams on computers and laptops but fans could watch on any device via the youtube app. Issues such as I could only hear one of the commentators and the minuscule text on the scoreboard could do with fixing too. Makes the whole thing just look more professional.
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Sand74 »

Don't forget to try and donate the money you would have spent getting to the Ground and at the Ground last night.

We are getting towards the target ... hare-sheet
Alan Spences Pupil
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Alan Spences Pupil »

I think Steve Burr is the Assistant at Hereford & will know Watsons tactics well, he packed midfield which stifled our only play maker Morgan, when we brought Vassallo on it was better. The talk of bright attacking football is refreshing but we reverted to type last night of too much long ball, Hereford out thought us but they had Andrai Jones playing Centre Forward so they must be struggling for player depth. Fair result overall.
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by YTT »

Streaming lessons learnt i hope. Thought Alan held it together well.

Pitch held up well.

Game i thought was poor and early days but room for improvement as both sides looked poor. That said both sides could and probably should have scored. Not sure i get Jack Sampson anymore as the focal point of our attack but suppose that depends how we are going to play. Not sure we know yet either against proper league opposition.

Didn't have to drive home but swap that for being cold but being there in person.

Out of interest who were the people in the front of the stand one with cap on?
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Re: Southport V Hereford - Match Thread

Post by Storming1937 »

I didnt have VPN on. I will next time.
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