57 years ago today!

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Scot Sandgrounder
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57 years ago today!

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A positive post -
57 years ago today I saw my first Southport game: v Walsall in the Cup at Haig Ave.

It gave me a taste for live football which has been a mainstay of my life ever since - and I'd just like to thank all concerned with the club over that time - players, staff and supporters - for so many emotional times - all of which have been important to me - whether joyful or otherwise. It's been brilliant.

Out of interest, the team was: Rollo, Cairns, Peat, Darvell, Beanland, Tighe, Wallace, Dagger, Spence, Latham, Russell.

A 2-1 win, Spence and Latham scoring, in what was Alex Russell's fourth game for the club.

I was very young ;)
Sandgrounder SE
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Re: 57 years ago today!

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FA cup. I was there.
Hadn’t thought about Jim Rollo in decades.
John Glendenning
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Re: 57 years ago today!

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I hadn't yet reached the milestone of my first birthday, so cannot claim to have been there. Family inform that they did take me to Old Trafford as a baby (explanation has never been forthcoming apart from the sad fact they were all Mancs). My Grandad brought me to my first Southport match aged three in 1966.
Stratford Excile
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Re: 57 years ago today!

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I was at the Walsall match too-how can it be 57 years ago!!
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