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Live music at the club

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 9:58 pm
by John Glendenning
Although the timing for re-emerging from lock-down and the lifting of social distancing and associated regulation / safeguarding measures for indoor venues remain guess work, I thought I would put this "out there" (just to see what sort of responses we get).

What sort of music / entertainment events would YOU be happy to support at our football club?
Would you be happy to pay a a fee on the door (or in advance) to see a live band?
Do you think there would be support for stand-up comedy nights?

All suggestions are more than welcome. The old Grandstand bar saw many live music events featuring local bands such as Fag Ash Lil, local folk legends "Odd at Ease" and from London; Bootleg Blondie (the only officially sanctioned Blondie tribute act). The late, much missed and very legendary Dave Ratcliff organised many of these nights and often paid the fees up front to ensure the bookings went ahead. I used to help Dave when I could and during the early years of TIY organised many under 18's live music nights which raised funds split between TIY and a charity chosen by the kids on the night.

Of course, not everything we did proved successful in terms of filling the place, but it did bring life and soul to the party.

Depending upon the response, I propose to approach the club with a view to getting music back into our club; perhaps under the title of "Rock and Roll Football" although I am sure others could come up with something better. All suggestions are welcome.